Digital content services on the web

We develop and operate services such as web and apps together with our customers.

It is a service that solves various problems related to the utilization of digital channels represented by websites. We not only build websites, but also create customers from digital channels, content marketing to attract more customers to our site, strengthen ties with our fans, improve branding, integrate sites, strengthen group governance. , We provide one-stop support for all problems from daily operation and improvement work.

EC service consulting

Our EC service consulting is a service that proposes solutions to improve sales and profit margins by gaining user access to our own EC sites and major malls.
We have human resources who originally have experience in major EC malls and achievements such as those from EC site startups, and we have a lot of specialized knowledge and strategies in stock.
In addition, since many human resources with high analytical ability are enrolled, it is possible to subdivide the company’s EC site and analyze it from various directions.

Advertising business

We are not just an advertising agency, but a full set of support for your media, including monetization of the media itself and support for increasing access to your website. While most advertising agencies only offer one-sided advertising, our staff will look at your website and thoroughly investigate ways to monetize it. Also, if your website has excellent content but traffic is sluggish, we can help you grow it. IKSON is your management company with a full set of services from seed to monetization.